China: Seafarers no need COVID-19 test before arriving!

Xinde Marine News Vivian Xu2022-12-09

China issued Measures for Vessels' Energy Consumption Data Management and Carbon Intensity

Xinde Marine News Vivian Xu2022-11-29

MSA issued notices on route adjustment between Yantai and Weihai and alert of fishery farms to the s

Oasis P&I2022-11-08

Latest General COVID-19 Restrictions in Chinese Ports


China MSA issued notice of correction to chart in respect of unidentified underwater objects off Fuz

Oasis P&I2022-10-26

Chinese Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL)


BIMCO ship recycling report confirms need for non-EU yards on EU list   


China will accelerate inland vessels' green and intelligent development

Xinde Marine News Vivian Xu2022-09-29

Amendments to MARPOL Annex VI, Chapter 4 Entering in to Force November 1, 2022

Coast Guard Maritime Commons2022-09-28

Regulations on Disposal of Food Wastes in Chinese Coasts and Loss Prevention Suggestions


New SOLAS requirements for safe mooring

Xinde Marine News2022-09-07

Multinational policy changes! crew change easier

Xinde Marine News Vivian Xu2022-09-02

Fujian MSA and Fishing Authorities Announced the 1st Batch of High Risk Warning Areas of Collision b

Oasis P&I2022-08-17

Fujian MSA published first "merchant fishing vessel collision risk warning area"

Xinde Marine News Vivian Xu2022-08-15

China posted the Hydrogen Energy Industry Development 5years Plan

Xinde Marine News Vivian Xu2022-08-12

China repealed ship regulations and clarified domestic transport supervision

Xinde Marine News Vivian Xu2022-08-04

China bans ships from entering parts of the South China Sea and Bohai Sea

China MSA,CGTN2022-08-02

An update on latest Covid-19 restrictions in China

Oasis P&I2022-07-19

China issued notice on ship's epidemic prevention and control

Xinde Marine News2022-07-05

What's new with SOLAS 2024?


Standard Club: Regulation Update 2022/23

Standard Club2022-06-29

Shanghai MSA announced new controls to reduce ship's machinery failure

Xinde Marine News2022-06-28

2022 Summer Fishing Ban in China


China issued notice to promote crew changes on international voyage vessels

Xinde Marine News Sarah Yu2022-04-14

The Announcement of the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the General Custo


New standard issued: Seafarers should be paid during isolation, base salary increased by 7%

xinde marine news Sarah Yu2021-11-24

Q&A | Exemption from Ballast Water and Sediment Management


New Bridge Alert Management (BAM) requirements are now in force


Coastal Waters of Zhejiang Province, China - Public Notice on the Adjustment of Main Public Shipping


Updates on Chinese Ports after Recent Regional Outbreaks of Covid-19 in China

Oasis P&I2021-08-31