Most Chinese shipyard can deliver new ships 3month+ ahead of schedule! xinde marine news 2024-06-14 16:39

This may creat more berths than expected for new ship orders! 
1:109 days ahead of the contractual schedule
On the morning of June 13, China State Shipbuilding Corporation's Qingdao Beihai Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., in collaboration with China Shipbuilding Trading Co., Ltd., successfully named and delivered the 210,000-ton Newcastlemax bulk carrier (Hull No. 36) . The delivery took place at the company's dock, marking a significant achievement in early completion—109 days ahead of the contractual schedule.
Beihai Shipbuilding has firmly established a value-creation mindset, strengthening lean management, and fully implementing rhythmic production, yielding remarkable results. This vessel is the eighth ship delivered by Beihai Shipbuilding in the first half of the year. The company continues to excel in its primary shipbuilding models, earning a strong reputation in the international market. Currently, Beihai Shipbuilding holds orders for 71 new ships, leading the global market with orders for 210,000-ton bulk carriers and 325,000-ton ore carriers. Notably, 60 of these orders are for new energy-powered ships, covering LNG, methanol, and ammonia fuel, with an impressive 84.5% green ship rate.
It's worth mentioning that delivering a ship 109 days early means that completing four ships in such a manner could save approximately one year, freeing up substantial new shipyard berths. This achievement can significantly increase the availability of new shipbuilding berths, allowing shipowners to place more orders.
2、145 days ahead of schedule
Previously, Xinde Marine News reported on May 8 that the sixth 63,500-ton bulk carrier "OCEAN ELEGANCE," built by China Shipbuilding Chengxi Shipyard for Huaxia Financial Leasing Co., Ltd., was delivered 145 days ahead of schedule. The construction to delivery period was just over eight months, showcasing the impressive speed of Chengxi Shipbuilding.
These achievements highlight the remarkable efficiency and capability of Chinese shipyards in delivering new ships swiftly, potentially creating more available berths for future shipbuilding projects.

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