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On June 5th, at Shenzhen Shekou Container Terminal, China Marine Bunker Supply Co., Ltd. (China Marine Bunker) successfully completed the bunkering of 3,850 tons of biofuel (B24) for COSCO Shipping Lines' "New Asia" vessel. This 14-hour operation marks the largest single-ship biofuel bunkering in China, setting a new milestone for the large-scale supply of marine biofuels domestically.

Using low-carbon and environmentally friendly biodiesel is crucial for China to achieve its carbon reduction targets, control air pollution, diversify its energy structure, ensure energy security, and increase the proportion of renewable energy in transportation fuels. The B24 marine biofuel, composed of 24% biodiesel and 76% low-sulfur fuel oil, reduces carbon emissions by approximately 20.4%. Biofuel can be used directly in ship engines and boilers without modifying existing propulsion equipment, making it an attractive "drop-in green fuel" for ships.
China Marine Bunker actively responded to COSCO Shipping Group's call for "green shipping" and "green transformation" of energy supply, ensuring smooth biofuel supply in line with the Group's "three guarantees" of quality, quantity, and supply. Leveraging its strategic location in the Greater Bay Area, China Marine Bunker ensured seamless and orderly fuel supply. Subsidiaries played a crucial role: Zhuhai China Bunker Oil Co., Ltd. got Guishan Oil Depot tanks certified by Singapore's CONTROL UNION for biofuel, completed customs filings in advance, and handled pre-declarations with port authorities. China Marine Bunker Shipping Company devised a detailed supply plan considering supply volume, port stay duration, and weather conditions, and provided specialized training to ensure smooth operations.
Since 2018, the International Maritime Organization and other authoritative bodies have set various metrics for new and existing ships to regulate carbon emission reductions, posing increasing pressure and challenges for the global shipping industry. International shipowners have been trialing biofuel bunkering to meet these requirements. In major global hub ports like Singapore and Rotterdam, biofuel bunkering has already reached scale. The successful completion of the largest domestic marine biofuel bunkering in China serves as a critical example for the green energy development of the country's shipping industry and maritime service capabilities.
This successful cross-customs biofuel bunkering, overseen by maritime, customs, immigration, and port authorities in Zhuhai and Shenzhen, was meticulously carried out by China Marine Bunker Zhuhai and China Marine Bunker Shipping companies, adhering strictly to port regulations and standard operating procedures, ensuring the high-quality and efficient completion of the operation.

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