Lingang accelerates construction of an international data port Shanghai Daily 2023-08-23 11:39

Shanghai's Lingang Special Area has made substantial progress in deepening international data cooperation with countries and regions like Singapore and Hong Kong, promoting projects such as electronic invoice interoperability and digital identity authentication, and further advancing cross-border trade facilitation, according to the city's informatization authority.
Zhang Hongtao, deputy director of the Shanghai Commission of Economy and Informatization, said that city authorities and the Lingang Special Area Administrative Committee have made every effort to promote the international data port construction over the past four years.
The special area, officially established on August 20, 2019, has preliminarily explored and formed a set of international standard data infrastructure and multiple innovative practical application scenarios focusing on international data circulation and cooperation, according to Zhang.
Lingang has improved its service capabilities by issuing operational guidelines, built a one-stop service counter for international data circulation, and boosted its proficiency in security assessment services, public service management, integration of certification and regulation, technology and element data support, technology standardization, and international mutual recognition cooperation.
Zhang noted that Lingang will promote international data cooperation, coordinate data flow and international cooperation in the fields of economy, finance, commerce, shipping, technology, and etc, while sort out a number of scenarios strongly related to high-level economic and trade exchanges, such as supply chain visualization, cross-border e-commerce livestreaming, and digital content shipping.
It will promote data space cooperation in trade, supply chain, industry, and other fields; support the listing and trading of international data products on the Shanghai Data Exchange; and foster the development of a group of international digital businesses, Zhang observed.
To reach the goal, Lingang will enhance global network connectivity, build high-level international data industry clusters, initiate research on new sea fiber optic cable architecture channels, create international Internet data dedicated channels, layout and construct functional data centers, and develop new international data processing and exchange businesses, Zhang added.
Over the past four years, its gross domestic product has increased by 21.2 percent annually; the total industrial output of enterprises with annual income exceeding 20 million yuan (US$2.74 million) has risen by 37.8 percent annually; the total fixed investment has jumped 39.9 percent annually; the total import and export volume has surged 44 percent on average, and the tax revenue has increased by 16.2 percent annually, said Chen Jinshan, Party secretary of Lingang.
"In the first half of this year, the total industrial output of enterprises with annual income exceeding 20 million yuan in the special area increased by 52 percent year on year," he revealed.
"The total fixed investment increased by 57.2 percent year on year; and total import and export volume jumped 54.6 percent annually.
"The year-on-year increase in tax revenue was 47.5 percent, and the average growth rate of these indicators over the past two years was over 30 percent, which effectively played the role of a 'growth pole' and 'engine' of Shanghai's economic development.
"Since the establishment of the Lingang Special Area, we have always regarded 'people-oriented' as an important concept for urban development, with a focus on how to introduce population and attract young people to work, live, and enjoy in Lingang.
"This is also the most core concept in the development of our entire city. Lingang must be built into a city that young people love and look forward to," emphasized Chen.

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