Qingdao Port becomes China's first 'Double 5-Star' terminal Shandong Port Group 2023-05-26 09:34

On May 18, the 2023 Green and Safe Port Conference took place in Nanning, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, where the fully automated container terminal at Qingdao Port, operated by Shandong Port Group, received "Smart Port" and "Green Port" five-star ratings.
This milestone makes Qingdao Port the first and only port in the country to achieve top rankings in both smart and green management.
An assessment of the smart and green management levels of each port was carried out by the China Ports Association, which included an examination of their facilities, technology, management, and services. Ratings were given to each port, with five stars being the highest level of achievement.
As a leader in constructing smart and green ports in Shandong province, the terminal has developed innovative strategies to reduce carbon emissions and create a scalable, green, and low-carbon port model. Some of the significant breakthroughs include the detailed design and overall layout of the automated terminal, as well as its advanced intelligent management system.
Qingdao is committed to advancing its environmental sustainability efforts by implementing clean energy solutions throughout its port operations. Currently, the port is diligently working on the construction of its third phase to promote nationalization, which seeks to develop key technologies related to hydrogen energy production, storage, transportation, and utilization chain, all in alignment with the strategic goals of Shandong Port Group.

Source: Shandong Port Group

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