The inactive tonnage shrinks in mid March Xinde Marine News Vivian Xu 2023-03-24 15:40

Inactive tonnage ticked down in mid March to settle at 6% of the total cellular fleet, according to Alphaliner latest report.
This is due to a decrease in both commercially idle ships and vessel capacity in drydock.
There were 300 ships counted as inactive with a total capacity of 1,565,624 TEU. The number of boxships recorded as inactive dropped by 37 (114,311 TEU) over the past two weeks. At 6% of the cellular fleet, decrease from a peak of 6.4% earlier, but up from 2.6% a year ago.
"The decline in vessel inactivity was noted across all ships sizes with the only exception being the 7,500-12,500 teu segment which remained more or less stable." Alphaliner reported.
The commercially idled ships were the main driver of the overall decline in vessel inactivity over the past two weeks. This segment was down by 25 vessels and 83,429 TEU, equivalent to 46% of the inactive fleet, compared with 53% a month ago.
The number of idle ships controlled by carriers decreased by 20, (88,972 TEU), to 98.
Non-operating-owner controlled idle tonnage decreased by 5 vessels, but capacity increased slightly to 5,543 TEU.
Ships in dry dock again accounted for the largest proportion of inactivety capacity at 54%.

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