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When selecting the ideal cargo tank coating system for your marine operations, the choice can significantly impact your operational efficiency and costs. In this article, we delve into the experiences of a long-standing customer, Singapore-based Norstar Ship Management (NSM), who has reaped the benefits of MarineLINE®, a high-performance coating solution offered by Advanced Polymer Coatings (APC). In addition to its extensive experience in the maritime industry, NSM has established itself as an expert in managing MarineLINE® coated ships for its valued customers. The team at NSM has consistently delivered exceptional operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Focusing on their motivations, application process, on-site satisfaction, and recommendations, we explore why MarineLINE® stands out as a superior choice for Norstar's operation.
The Driving Force behind Choosing MarineLINE®: For Dr. Lars Gruenitz, Managing Director NSM, and our esteemed customer, the overriding driver in considering MarineLINE® was threefold. Dr. Gruenitz comments, "Firstly, MarineLINE® offers substantial cost savings compared to stainless steel tankers, reducing our CAPEX expenses. Secondly, the system's exceptional flexibility in accommodating a wide range of cargoes continues to make it an attractive choice. Lastly, MarineLINE® outshines other tank coating systems, such as epoxy or zinc, in terms of superior performance and longevity."
Careful Application Process Yields Long-Lasting Results: APC's commitment to providing comprehensive support throughout the project lifecycle played a crucial role in our customer's decision-making process. Dr. Gruenitz states, "The availability of an experienced NACE Inspector and an exacting Application Guide provided by APC ensured that every step of the application process was meticulously executed."
While some may perceive this as an expense that could extend the application period, the experts at Norstar recognized the long-term benefits. The resulting focus was on obtaining a high-quality coating with the guidance of the NACE Inspector, ensuring proper heat curing, and adhering to rigorous surface preparation and environmental conditions. Furthermore, the ease of tank cleaning for the crew significantly reduced their workload, contributing to a smoother operational experience.
On-Site Satisfaction and Successful Application: The collaboration between Norstar's on-site teams and APC's Inspection team proved to be a winning combination. By working hand-in-hand with the inspector and closely following the detailed application guide, Norstar's crew continues to apply MarineLINE® successfully. This alignment between all parties fosters a seamless process and a high-quality outcome, enhancing the customer's confidence in the system.
Overcoming Potential Resistance from Yards: While the application of MarineLINE® was predominantly smooth sailing, Dr. Gruenitz acknowledged the importance of selecting experienced yards. "We avoid resistance by carefully choosing Turkish and Chinese yards with prior MarineLINE® experience. This proactive approach to yard selection helps ensure a seamless application process and reinforces the reliability of MarineLINE®."
Wholehearted Recommendation: After years of experience and successful application, Norstar unequivocally recommends MarineLINE® to others. Dr. Gruenitz commented on the system's unparalleled performance, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility, which have been instrumental in optimizing its operations. 
"I can 100% recommend MarineLINE® to others. We have successfully applied the MarineLINE® cargo tank coating system for up to eight years before requiring recoating, further demonstrating its durability and longevity, delivering substantial value to our operation over an extended period. Furthermore, we have been properly trained by the APC crew on how to repair MarineLINE® using their available repair kits. This further ensures a long life and profitable years of service with minimal effort on our end to keep the coating pristine."
Selecting the right cargo tank coating system is crucial for optimizing marine operations and minimizing costs. The real-world experiences of our esteemed customers highlight the exceptional benefits of MarineLINE® offered by APC.
From lowering CAPEX costs and accommodating diverse cargoes to meticulous application processes and comprehensive support, MarineLINE® is the superior choice for long-lasting, high-performance cargo tank coatings. Through a vast list of satisfied customers like ours, it's evident that MarineLINE® is a reliable solution that delivers efficiency, durability, and peace of mind for marine industry professionals worldwide.

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