Panama Ship Registry becomes eligible for Qualship 21 Program Panama Consulate 2023-05-18 09:48

The Panama Ship Registry administered by the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP), for the first time, has become eligiblefor Qualship 21 Program.
The Qualship 21 program was established by the U.S. Coast Guard in January 2002, and was designed to ensure safe and environmentally friendly maritime commerce. To qualify for this program, vessels must comply with the established requirements, which encourage those exemplary vessels that have been inclined towards compliance and goodenvironmental management.
To achieve this objective, a series of measures were implemented to guarantee the reduction of possible detentions uponarrival´s Panamanian flagged vessels in ports of the United States (U.S.A.), among which the administration mentioned:
It was made mandatory that all Panamanian flag vessels that will transit or visit ports in Panama prior to their arrival in the United States must undergo a Flag State Inspection as soon as they arrive at any port terminal or anchorage area in Panama.
By Effective August 1, 2022, the AMP initiated a special flag inspection program that was implemented for vessels arriving at U.S. ports whose PSC history makes them for a Port State Control Inspection by the U.S. Coast Guard.
The General Directorate of Merchant Marine of the AMP, by means of the Department of Navigation and Maritime Safety, in conjunction with the Flag Inspectors, the Recognized Organizations, and the Segumar Technical Officeslocated in the United States, Panama, among other regions worked to achieve this great objective together.
The national government of the Republic of Panama and this Maritime Administration, encourage ship owners, operators, and captains to maintain the highest standards to ensure a safer as possible to innovative, and sustainableindustry, always having as principle the protection of the human life at sea and the environment.

Source: Embassy and General Consulate of Panama in Greece

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