COSCO SHIPPING Logistics Wins Bid for HP's China-Europe Land-Sea Express Project COSCO SHIPPING 2022-12-26 10:01

Recently, COSCO SHIPPING Logistics received a bid-winning notification from HP’s global shipping procurement team, stating that the company has won the bid for HP’s new annual project contract for China-Europe Land-Sea Express. Compared with the current contract, the new deal sees a 10% increase in the contracted volume, with newly added shipping routes from Indonesia, Cambodia, and Philippines in Southeast Asia to Europe, which will significantly enhance the influence of the China-Europe Land-Sea Express in the local market.
During the bidding process, the company worked closely with the Global Sales Division, theEuropean Trade Division of COSCO SHIPPING Lines,  and COSCO SHIPPING Lines Greece  to fully leverage the strategic advantages of the Port of Piraeus and the China-Europe Land-Sea Express for the comprehensive optimization of an end-to-end supply chain operation process for the customer, ultimately enabling the company to stand out from other competitors and win the bid.
The successful renewal of the contract is a positive outcome of the company in serving the real economy, digging deeper into the customer’s needs, and addressing the customer’s challenges by taking advantage of COSCO SHIPPING’s close internal cooperation. It also represents the full recognition given by the customer for COSCO SHIPPING’s consistent effort to adhere to customer-centric service and strengthen internal resource coordination.


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