Jenny Zhang joins RightShip in China as Business Development Manager

We caught up this week with Jenny Zhang, RightShip’s new Business Development Manager in China.

RightShip: Jenny, welcome onboard, it is great to hear that you are joining the RightShip family. Tell us a bit about yourself.

Jenny: Thank you, it is wonderful to be part of the RightShip team. I am delighted to be joining our expanding team in China, one of RightShip’s and the maritime industries, major growth markets. I joined on 9 May 2022 and cannot wait to get started, meeting my colleagues and RightShip’s new and existing customers.

Where are you based?

I live in Tianjin, China, my role will be based out of our Singapore office travelling all around China. I report into Sau Weng Tang, RightShip’s Head of the Asia Pacific region, and am excited to be part of his growing team. I will be working closely with Yongzheng Wu, Key Account Manager in China.

Excellent, so by way of background, where were you educated?

I graduated from Shanghai Maritime University in 2007, which is one of the oldest and most famous maritime universities in China. I majored in Marine Economics and Management, gaining a bachelor's degree, which has been and will continue to be, highly relevant to my career.

And where have you worked before joining RightShip?

My first role after graduation was at MOL where I was responsible for freight quotations and space confirmation. I then moved onto Van Ocean Shipping, a private company registered in New Zealand, as ship sales and purchase broker. More recently I held roles with Wilhelmsen and DHL Project & Chartering (China) Limited.

What attracted you to the role at RightShip?

RightShip has a strong, but also growing reputation, in the exciting and vitally important Chinese maritime market.

As an Environmental, Social and Governance focused maritime digital platform, we are expanding our footprint around vessel safety, sustainability and crew welfare solutions.

I am especially impressed with the vetting and inspection regime RightShip have in place, and the way we increasingly use the vast array of data at our disposal helping shipowners, managers, ports, terminals and those in finance and insurance to support their safety, environmental and emissions policies and aspirations.

And finally, I have been very impressed with everyone I have met as part of joining RightShip. The organization is full of knowledgeable and dedicated colleagues all focused on our Vision of a zero harm maritime industry.

What experience do you think is relevant to your new role?

Firstly, I have extensive experience as a ship broker, charterer and operator. I am very familiar with the operation of numerous different vessels and industries including iron ore, coal, bauxite, crude oil, LNG, bulky equipment cargo and offshore projects.

Secondly, I have been engaged in shipping agency work for over seven years and have been acting as China representative of TSC – an Indonesian shipping agent since October 2017. This has allowed me to develop market knowledge as well as maintaining strong customer relationships.

What are you especially looking forward to in your role?

Getting to know and develop relationships with my new colleagues around the world.

Building on my existing relationships with shipowners, charterers and operators in China, whilst continuing to develop new markets and customers for RightShip.

And quite simply, being part of RightShip’s exciting future.

We wish you the absolute best of luck Jenny in your new role, what do you enjoy during your downtime?

I love reading detective fiction in my spare time, following the author into the tense plot, discovering the tangled clues and finding out who the murderer is. The endings are often shocking and unexpected. I really enjoy this reading experience.

Finally, we also caught up with Sau Weng Tang, RightShip’s Head of Asia Pacific region, who added…

I am delighted that Jenny has decided to join RightShip as Business Development Manager. China is the largest maritime market in the world, and a hugely important area of focus for RightShip.

Jenny’s experience from across many parts of our industry is impressive and I am really looking forward to collaborating with her as we expand even further into China. My colleagues and I wish Jenny all the best and look forward to sharing in her successes in the future.

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