Before Industry 4.0, the concept of autonomous shipping and pilotage was just an idea on paper. Fast forward to the current day, innovation in shipping is increasingly geared towards the automation of shipping and autonomous ships. What sort of benefits would autonomous shipping bring? How would it transform the future of maritime?

APM Insights presents the insights from industry experts on how innovation will drive the revolution of the maritime industry, which is often seen as stagnated, and the opportunities as well as challenges that follow.
The APM 2020 Conference presents a slew of industry luminaries who will present their opinions on innovations that would enable the maritime industry to achieve new efficiencies beyond the scope of the vessel. Some of them include:
Päivi Haikkola
Ecosystem Lead, ONE SEA - Autonomous Maritime Ecosystem
Sanna Sonninen
Pilotage Director
Finnpilot Pilotage
Gordon Meadow
Chair, MASS SIG / Founder and CEO
IMarEST / SeaBot
Mathai Pambrakaran
Senior Vice President
ST Engineering Marine
Dhritiman Hui
Managing Director
Tetsuya Haraoka
Assistant General Manager
Digital Innovation Group
Global Headquarters
Yusen Logistics Global Management